How it works

What is Penkala?

PENKALA is a streaming service that enables people all over the world to share a very special and individual experience by offering YOU the platform to take shared selfies with anybody in the world, anywhere, anytime. Only YOU are the limit.


Haven’t you always dreamt of being close to your favourite STARS and having a picture with them? YOUR dream comes true. PENKALA is a streaming service that enables YOU to connect with YOUR STARS and take a shared selfie, including a digital signature from them.

Friends & Family

Imagine your best friends are climbing the Mount Everest and you are staying home because you caught a flu before take-off. NOW you have the opportunity to share this experience and take a picture together with your friends on top of the world’s highest mountain.

Basic functionalities & descriptions

Stars & Events

  1. New stars on Penkala (newest on the left hand side)
  2. Carousel with Events YOU follow
  3. Follow/Unfollow stars
  4. Featured stars by interesting Event, popularity, etc.
Tips & Tricks

Mark the stars you like and want to follow.

Scheduled events

  1. Pay for the Event to get a shared selfie and a
    digital signature. 
    After payment You can follow such Event.
    Watch for countdown. Notification: 5 min. before Event  |  Payment: MC, Maestro, Diners, Visa
  2. Free Event: just be on the lookout for the countdown
    (date & time when the photo event starts). Notification: 5 min. before the Event
Tips & Tricks

Mark Events you like and want to follow for shared selfies


    1. Date & time when the Event starts
      Take A Photo button becomes active on start
    2. Buy Gold or Lottery Pass in m-Shop
      See other items in m-Shop if available
    3. Event description
Tips & Tricks

You can buy a Golden, Lottery ticket or memorabilia in m-Shop (if available).

When Event Starts

Be prepared and click on the button “Take a Photo”

  1. Position yourself within the cropout’s boundaries.
  2. Take a Photo.
    You can reject photo and take another one.
    When satisfied, Confirm photo.
Tips & tricks

Position yourself well and be happy for 3 seconds, then take a photo 🙂


Your selfie will be subject to Celebrity approval. In 24 hours you will receive your shared selfie with digital signature in Penkala application, under My Penkala Pictures.

Event modes

Events can be in different operational modes. The final shared selfie can be just joined selfies (Standard mode), on the Star’s background (Advanced mode) or on a Sponsored background all together (Sponsored Advanced mode).

Digital Celebrity original signature accompanies every such shared selfie for You.

Celebrity defines the mode of the photo session.


search all Stars and Follow/Unfollow


search all Events and Follow/Unfollow


search all Users and invite them for a shared selfie 1 on 1, it is free and the picture is available immediately after session

Tips & Tricks

In Users’ section you can invite your friends, family or somebody you would like to take a shared selfie with, but without a digital signature


When you install Penkala, you will be in the Standard mode which gives you the option to take a shared selfie with the background of each person taking the selfie together. In the Advanced mode, background of the person who invites will be used. For Advanced/Standard mode you need to contact to enable this feature for you. Send us an email with your username in the Penkala app.

E-mail subject & body

Subject: Enable Advanced mode (or) Enable Standard mode
John Smith (Penkala app name)

Enablement of Advanced mode will be done within 6 hours.
You cannot invite Celebrities, just Users, but Celebrities can invite You, for a solo shared photo.

Tips & Tricks

Invite somebody and take one shared selfie 1 on 1. You will discover how it works. Practice makes perfect 🙂


List of the Stars you follow


List of the Events you follow with the countdown to the Event

Tips & Tricks

Regularly check your Events and Stars and see what is new.


  1. Administration
    of your data, personal photo, password, e-mail and logout
  2. My Penkala Pictures
    all you shared selfies are placed there. You can share and send them via all available means.
  3. My purchases
    view of all your purchases through Penkala
  4. Contact customer support
    over the e-mail
Tips & Tricks

Keep your data safe!